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Are disposable gloves really clean and environmentally friendly?

Are disposable pe gloves clean? A friend asked me how often my family and I eat greasy food, don't wash our hands, and often wear gloves to eat. Is this going to be bad? Will it be harmful?
I would like to say: disposable PE gloves are mainly made of polyethylene plastic. There are both new and recycled materials on the market. New materials are non-toxic and odorless. The gloves produced are transparent, odorless, good quality, clean and hygienic; the gloves produced from recycled materials are poorly transparent, dull, substandard hygiene and inexpensive.
biodegradable disposable gloves
Disposable PE gloves are made of brand new materials without any added fillers. They can be safely used in the food industry. These gloves are used in the labor protection industry, restaurant and hotel industry, especially in the food industry, and are practical as long as they do not pinch hot things, easy to use, oil-proof, stain-proof and waterproof. Clean, convenient, hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for household cleaning, chemical inspection, mechanical gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection; can also be used for hair dyeing, care and washing, also can be worn during meals (such as eating lobster, large bones) inconvenient hand washing, etc.. With waterproof and oil-proof, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistance, etc. Does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, not allergic to the skin, good adsorption, comfortable to wear in the hand, strong and durable. It is a good tool for running protection in electronic factories and food factories, and a good helper for household cleaning and food hygiene.
Disposable PE gloves are not only clean, but also easy to use. Throw them away after use to avoid cleaning. Best of all they are cheap! And these gloves are sterile, so feel free to use them. Used for food processing, healthcare, drug preparation, kitchen cooking, housework, hairdresser dyeing. For use at camping barbecues, etc. and in restaurants when you need to touch food with your hands. It allows you to keep the skin of your hands from excessive contact with alkaline cleaners. It is a good product for home life.
However, there are a lot of disposable gloves are non-biodegradable, if we each use every day, then the glove waste will be very much, and this approach we should how to solve it?
Therefore, the comprehensive conclusion, disposable gloves are indeed healthy, but he is not environmentally friendly, not recommended for daily use, if you can not live without gloves every day, you can choose to buy disposable biodegradable gloves.
Okay, so someone will say again, how should we pick biodegradable disposable gloves?
The current biodegradable gloves are made of PLA, PHA, PBAT, PVA, PP, TPE.
We are a biodegradable gloves manufacturers, which contains, plastic gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves.If you have any other knowledge or questions about biodegradable gloves, you can communicate with us and we will reply to you first.