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Disadvantages and advantages of disposable garbage bags and biodegradable compostable garba

Plastic bags are everywhere we see in our daily lives, is an important indispensable product, supermarket shopping bags, food bags, clothing bags, cosmetic bags, etc. with the traditional plastic bags, but we usually use down the plastic bags, in addition to a very small number of recycled, the vast majority are thrown away indiscriminately or burned. Plastic bags if mixed in the soil will continue to accumulate, will affect the absorption of nutrients and water crops, resulting in crop yield reduction. Plastic bags are made of petroleum, not only consumes a lot of resources, but also can not be decomposed, buried in the ground will pollute the land, rivers. Plastic bag burning produces a large number of harmful gases, not only to the atmosphere caused by serious pollution, but also to human health poses a danger that can not be underestimated. In order to solve the problem of white pollution caused by plastic bags, fully biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags and other biodegradable materials, plastic bags have been introduced.
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Fully biodegradable plastic bags not only have the same safe and reliable features as ordinary traditional plastic bags, and it can simultaneously solve the problem of pollution and other hazards brought about by ordinary traditional plastic bags discarded or incinerated, and become the development direction of the plastics industry. Fully biodegradable plastic bags are environmentally friendly, generally do not produce secondary pollution, and low cost. Reach the harmless resource, to do the best use, waste to treasure, resource-based products of high value, the market is broad.
compostable disposable gloves
Biodegradable plastic bags can be completely degraded, biodegradable plastic is made of plant straw and other items that are friendly to the human body and the environment, unlike the three synthetic plastics, after disposal, under the action of the biological environment, can be self-decomposition, whether it is harmless to people or the environment, belongs to the green packaging. Biodegradable plastic bags are "degradable, easy to degrade" a disposable shopping bags. Biodegradable plastic bags from raw materials and decomposition factors, can be divided into two kinds: one is based on polyethylene plastic, mixed with starch and other biodegradable plastic bags, also called biodegradable plastic bags. This plastic bag mainly by the role of microorganisms and decomposition. Another is mainly polyethylene plastic, mixed with photodegradable agents and mineral powders such as calcium carbonate made of plastic bags, also known as photodegradable plastic bags. This plastic bag is decomposed under the action of sunlight.