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Brief introduction of compostable materials, PBAT.

Brief introduction of compostable materials, PBAT.
PBAT: It is a thermoplastic biodegradable plastic, which is a copolymer of butylene adipate and butylene terephthalate. It has both the characteristics of PBA and PBT, and has good ductility and elongation at break. It also has good heat resistance and impact performance; in addition, it also has excellent biodegradability, which is very active in the research of biodegradable plastics and one of the best biodegradable materials in the market. Uses: PBAT is one of main components of the current degradable materials, and is often used in combination with other materials.
PBAT+PLA+Starch, PBAT+PLA+Minerals are widely used in compostable shopping bag,
compostable waste bag, compostable pet poop bag, compostable gloves,compostable apron, compostable mailing bag, compostable blanket bag for airline, etc.